Netball, a Special Sport in the Heart of Australians

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Netball is a very profound sport in today’s society. It is a game of an exciting true team sport and has special place in the heart of many Australians. Many young children and adults learn to play netball through a local Netball organisation or have seen the Australian firebirds team in action. Everyone loves a great competition and team which they rally for. Playing Netball and working together is considered “Aussie spirit” it brings friends and family together and allows us to enjoy the great gifts of one of Australia’s most popular sports. (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009) Netball first originated in England in 1895, the sport became so popular it spreads quickly all around the world in particular to Australia; New Zealand. (Government of western Australia department of sport and recreation,2009) It had become such an exhilarating sport in Australia that it had its first competition game in the commonwealth games. (Reid, 2013) Ever since then it makes Netball different from other popular Australian sports such as Rugby and Soccer because netball is now played by both men and women all around the world. Mixed teams are becoming acceptable, because the basics of the game allow men and women to compete with each other on fair terms. (International Netball, 2012) The limits set by netball rules on defence prevent men from gaining an advantage, in spite of their superior strength and size. It is also a friendlier way of making friendships and working on team skills

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