Netflix : A Marketing Strategy

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A business strategy is an action plan a company develops to describe how it will compete in its chosen industry or market segment. Netflix uses a differentiation strategy to grow its’ account base and grow market share. It focuses on continuously improving and adding value to the business and the customers’ experience. The company has been providing unique services to its customers through the huge data it has on its subscribers’ preferences. Netflix is trying to make a difference in its’ industry by meeting demand of its subscribers by using specialized video servers scattered around the world, as mentioned in the article. Netflix tries to meet all the needs of its’ customers by constantly bringing out new shows and predicting what customers want to watch, making customers addicted once they start. Netflix’s information systems are constantly improved by its’ engineering team to better understand customers’ purchasing preferences. Netflix is differentiating itself by making it very cheap for customers to subscribe, making it easy for subscribers to find their favorite programs, and having an easy access to start streaming videos. Netflix has exclusive programs such as the entire season of “House of Cards” and “Hemlock Grove”, which makes Netflix rise above its competitors and push its competitors further and further behind. It also has many TV Shows and Movies that keeps subscribers loyal to it. Netflix keeps on growing and the midnight ritual plays a big role in it.
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