Netflix : A Swot Analysis

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In conducting a SWOT analysis of Netflix, we must not only look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, but we must also draw conclusions about Netflix’s particular situation and how these four areas can be used to improve its overall strategy. In terms of Netflix’s strengths, it has potential internal strengths and competitive capabilities in its strong brand-name image and reputation. Netflix has become a household name with over 75 million subscribers in over 190 countries. This also gives Netflix a wider geographic coverage and/or a stronger global distribution capability. It also benefits from proprietary technology. It was the first company to change the way that users watch TV/movies, instead of using commercials or ads to cover its costs, Netflix instead offers unlimited viewing, on demand and commercial-free. It also offers good customer service capabilities in its ability for users to sign up and cancel their services whenever they choose via their website. Netflix is able to offer better product quality relative to its rivals with its original programming like “House of Cards”, “Narcos”, and various other original exclusive programs. Another strength would be its personalized recommendations, and opening screen, which allows users to view the most relevant shows when the program is first opened. Netflix also offers better accessibility through its cross-platform capabilities, i.e. the ability to not just watch Netflix on your TV, but also your

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