Netflix And The Three Circles Analysis

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Netflix and the Three Circles A three circles analysis is a beneficial way to look at competitor benchmarking that helps provide vision of a company’s comparisons with competitors in the same market, what needs the company provides, what needs the customers want, and what needs the competitor fulfills (Pearce II, J., Rovinson, R., 2015). In using this format to analyse the company Netflix, we are able to see where Netflix has strengths internally and compared to its competitors.
The First Circle In the first circle, the analysis includes what the Netflix team feels its customer base would consider to be the most important things that the Netflix product provides or offers. Netflix is able to offer its customers the ability to either rent DVD’s through a mail service or watch television episodes or movies through a streaming download on devices that can connect to the intranet. Examples of these devices are computers, newer televisions, x-box game set, PS-3 game set, I-pads, I-phones, Windows and Android cell phones or tablets (Pearce II et al, 2015). Netflix is able to offer its customers a flat monthly fee for services, no contract requirement, no late fees, a large variety of television shows and movies, in a convenient way, at a reasonable price.
The Second Circle In the second circle is a representation of the Netflix team’s view of how their customers perceive their offerings. Netflix has the highest share of the movie/television streaming market. In 2011,…

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