Netflix Is An International Provider Of On Demand Internet Steaming Media

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Introduction Established in 1997, Netflix is an international provider of on-demand Internet steaming media, as well as provider of DVD-by mail, and makes its services available to viewers in various countries worldwide. CEO Reed Hastings took the leap of faith by stepping into unchartered territory and reinvented the way that consumers rented moves. His business model was considered to be one of the most innovative models; he took the standard way of doing business in the movie and rental industry, and turned it on its side to create a multi-billion dollar company. Hastings attributed the success of Netflix to the following: target a specific niche, stay flexible, never underestimate the competition, and, there are no shortcuts. The Firm’s Overall Mission/Value/Culture/Objectives “Our appeal and success are built on providing the most expansive selection of DVD’s; an easy way to choose movies; and fast, free delivery”. This mission statement not only complimented Netflix’s goals as a company, but was created to explain the value that Reed Hastings saw and believed in with the creation of Netflix. Hastings, an extremely innovative, involved and engaged leader, believed in a strong work culture, beliefs which many outsiders thought would lead to the company’s demise. Employees were often given work that three to four people might have been allotted at a traditional company, and while many speculators felt that this would place an unnecessary burden on Netflix’s
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