Netflix Is One Of The Largest Media Companies Essay

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Netflix is one of the largest media companies. The company has a broad variety of venues to satisfy almost everyone’s viewing needs. While Netflix still maintains, which allows you to pick DVD movies to be shipped to your home for as little as $4.99 a month, this document is focused primarily on their on-line streaming. Netflix has both positives and negatives. One major positive is that you are able to watch a Netflix show from just about anywhere in the United States at any time, commercial free. Individuals can use their smart TV, streaming media player, gaming system, dish, blu-ray player, smart phone, tablet, PC and laptop to gain access from the comfort of their home or while traveling. The subscription requires no time-limitation and is more affordable than most cable programming. On the downside, Netflix has no access to current TV shows episodes. Often these are posted six to twelve months later. In addition, licensing rights are required for TV shows and movies. When those run out, the item may no longer be available for viewing. There may also be issues with some shows having regional restrictions. Something that is available in the United States may not be available in another country. Lastly, peak hours for streamline viewing are between 7:00 & 9:00 pm according to U.S.A. Today’s article, 3 Netflix Secrets You Need to Know. It is estimated that Netflix users “utilize 34% of America’s internet usage” during this time some internet

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