Netflix Is The Greatest Creation Ever Invented Since Gaming Systems

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There was a time when a new television series came out that people would be so eager to watch it, that the show would only be fifty minutes long and to make matters worse viewers would have to wait for the following week to watch the next episode. But now that conflict does not happen anymore due to the creation of Netflix. Netflix can be considered the greatest creation ever invented since gaming systems. This creation is an app that can be accessed through any wireless connection, but better yet Netflix main definition is a DVD rental and internet based video on demand service for a monthly fee based on service level. This design can come as a blessing and then again a curse because there are endless amounts of activity to watch and view for a low cost fee for several months. The blessings that are being supplied to Netflix users include watching new tv shows, movies, series, and etc. with no interruptions from commercials or ads and there is no wait time because every show and series will continue to be avilable. Nevertheless if there are good reasons for something, then there will also be bad reasons as well and that is Netflix can cause people to “binge”. The term to binge is defined as a short period devoted to indulging in an activity to excess, especially drinking alcohol or eating. But when combined together binge watching Netflix is when someone who is watching shows and or movies for a long amount of hours, with little to no breaks. People only talk about the

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