Netflix Is The World 's Leading Internet Television Network

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Netflix is one of the smartest ideas to turn reality in our generation. They are currently the world’s leading Internet television network. It has over 93 million subscribers and can be viewed in over 190 countries. Netflix has more than 125 million hours of movies, shows and other cinema available for its members to watch at anytime, anywhere. Even though Netflix is now a multibillion dollar company and leading the way in its industry ,it had a rocky start and took years of time and effort before the company really gained some ground and started seeing a real profit. Netflix got its start in 1997 and was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. Hastings and Randolph both had backgrounds in creating and setting up websites and were…show more content…
In 2005, “Netflix was shipping nearly 1,000,000 DVD’s by mail every day and had around 35,000 titles in its library”.( Loudenback) In the years to follow Netflix introduced streaming , allowing the user to watch television shows and movies on their personal computers at their leisure. They then partnered with electronics companies to be able to stream on the Xbox 360, the PS3, Blu-ray disc players and other Internet connected devices. The company then started making and producing its own TV shows and had even more success. Today Netflix’s net worth is valued at “$32.9 billion, it is now considered more valuable than CBS ($30.6 billion).”(Loudenback) Currently Netflix Headquarters is located in Los Gatos, CA. Netflix has many DVD send out delivery and return stations across the country but the only real corporate buildings it has are all located in California. The size of the company keeps growing every year. They currently have 1,197 TV shows and 4,335 movies available. The demand has increased so much that Netflix now has over 4,700 employees under their belt. A drastic change from the humble 30 employees they had at the start 20 years ago. Netflix’s as a whole was such an innovative idea. No one less was even trying to make a service that delivers DVDs straight to your home. The only thing even close to what they were doing was blockbuster but they only had VHS tapes and you had to drive to go get the

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