Netflix Persuasive Analysis

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We all hate when a video on YouTube ends in a cliffhanger and you just have to watch the next video. And then the one really long ad comes up and you almost fall asleep watching it, sometimes that “skip ad” button isn't there and you have to watch the whole thing. Or, there is a skip ad button but you accidentally click the ad instead and then it brings you to the website of the ad. At that point you get so frustrated that you say to yourself “ugh Netflix would never do this to me!!!” Thats right! Netflix doesn’t have ads that you are forced to watch for at least 5 seconds while your trying to to watch your show, not watch about how “amazing” the new Samsung S8 is. Also If you watch 2 movies a month, Youtube would charge you 6-8 dollars, With Netflix, you can pay just $8 a month to watch unlimited movies AND T.V. If you are looking to watch T.V. and Movies, Netflix is your company because you only have to pay 8 dollars every month to get unlimited movies and t.v. vs. Youtube where you can only watch 2 movies for $8. Also if you don’t start watching that movie within 30 days, you have to pay again, and if you don’t finish watching the movie within 24 hours, you also have to pay again, If you are looking to save money, I would watch Netflix instead of Youtube because you get a variety of movies for the same price and you also can take your time watching the movie so you can take even a year to watch a movie, but you won’t have to follow any crazy rules. Youtube is
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