Netflix Success And Failure Essay

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ct do managers actually have on an organization’s success or failure? Corraborate your answer with real world examples.

Antonio Rossetti

Introduction to Management


Success and failure

The managers are the most important people for the guidance and direction of the company, from the first to the top-level.
The managers have the power to take decisions in order to decide what is best for the company under the political decision and productive point of view.
The companies are structureted like a pyramid ,in the low level we could find the DEPARTMENT MANAGER,at the superior level we can find the DIVISION MANAGER and ,at the top of the pyramid we find the TOP MANAGER.
DEPARTMENT MANAGERS: they have the duty to control in first line the productive part,so they are the throught between DIVISION
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The idea came to him when he was forced to pay $40 in penalties for returning the late Apollo 13 film. Netflix was born in Los Gatos, Calif., As a service for rental DVDs, VHSs and video games via mail. Just connect to the website, choose the movie among those available and wait for the product to arrive by mail. All for about $6, including shipping charges. But the formula sticks to take off, so Hastings decided to switch to an unlimited monthly subscription formula. You could choose 3 titles, receive them by mail, return them, and receive them more often in the same month. With this new Netflix formula exploded After shipping the billionth DVD to the United States in February 2007, Netflix decides to make a breakthrough: movie rental is alongside a platform for streaming video in the same fashion. Always with a monthly subscription, in fact, you can watch online on Netflix's website all the movies and TV series you want without any limit,And it's a
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