Netflix Vs. Netflix, Hulu, And Hulu

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By the end of 2017, over 15.4 million people in the US will cut their cable. Who can blame them? Cable hasn’t evolved in last 10 years and cable is becoming increasingly more expensive annually. Nevertheless, several individuals are still paying for cable, when we have streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Streaming services are a superior alternative to cable because they are cost-effective, more accessible, interactive, and uses an advanced algorithm to learn about the viewer, and they don’t have any commercials. Streaming services cost consumers about $12 a month, including taxes and other fees. In contrast, cable cost my family approximately $130 per month excluding taxes and other fess and cable is not getting cheaper any…show more content…
Streaming services platforms are much more interactive compared to cable. The viewer can pause, rewind or fast forward through the content; viewers can change the language if they demand. The streaming services’ video player remembers the exact time the viewer stopped watching, so the viewer can resume their program from where they were left off. Also, Consumers have the freedom to watch anything from the streaming services diverse content catalog, and they can rate and write a review of the shows and movies. Also, consumers can conserve their favorite shows and movies in my list section to watch it later. “Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon also offer far more than cable does. People can watch a wide variety of movies, from comedies to documentaries, which may never air on the TV. Netflix subscribers can also choose among a range of different TV shows as many times as they want, even if it has been taken off the original channel it aired on” (Binge or Bust? Netflix Vs. Cable TV 1). Streaming services use an advanced algorithm. This algorithm collects data from the viewers to learn about viewer’s interest. As an example, let say the viewer just watched a comedy movie and if the viewer gives the movie a positive rating, this algorithm will remember that and in the future, it will suggest the same kinds of movies to the viewer. This same algorithm helped Netflix create their original hit series House of Cards. In the

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