Netflix and Internet Television

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Netflix’s main goal is to be the first company to expand internet television. They believe that Internet TV is the future of the television industry and will soon replace linear TV. The portability, flexibility and personal aspect of Internet TV is the future and Netflix’s goal is to be the first to get there. They believe that if they can dominate this industry then they will have achieved their goals. They do this by sticking to what they have always done: they do not have advertisements, they have their low monthly fee, and their few original shows. Their strategy is to quickly expand into all aspects that are possible, while remaining profitable globally. One big challenge that Netflix will have to tackle, is dealing with bootleg websites. These websites provide more popular shows and movies for free. These websites also offer quicker access to these shows and movies than Netflix. Netflix takes longer to add shows and movies to the website. Most subscribers are satisfied with Netflix’s services when they become members, but the one main complaint is that there are not a lot of popular options and they feel like there should be since they are paying for this service. Another reason that is tricky, is because the legality of the content may be compromised. That is one of the biggest factors as to why Netflix has not expanded their content. Running into legal issues makes them no different than their illegal counterparts. They will also have to address the fact that
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