Netflix vs. Blockbuster vs. Redbox

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Which movie rental service is right for you?
We all love movies, and the best way to see all the films you want is to rent them. There was a time when we all used brick and mortar stores to get our hands on a movie to watch. Nowadays, there are more options available for the film lover. The internet has changed things drastically, and many physical rental stores are disappearing. Hollywood Video is long gone, and most "Mom and Pop" stores were crushed under Blockbuster 's boot back in the 90 's.

So, which option is best for you in the new world of movie rentals? Should you go with Netflix?... Blockbuster?... Redbox?

Each of these big players have various pros and cons associated with them. I have used all three extensively and
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There are thousands of movies available to watch instantly on your TV screen through such devices as the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and many more devices.

Not everything is available for streaming, so i still use the mail quite a bit, albeit with a much smaller plan than the 8 disc behemoth. I have been surprised by some of the obscure titles I found on Netflix - titles that I didn 't find when I was with Blockbuster. Things like "Strings", "Metropia", and "Zachariah". However, if you find that you 're doing all your viewing through the streaming, then you should consider the streaming only plan for $7.99.

There are some new releases however that will be held back for that 28 day head start that Blockbuster is so proud of. Which is fine with me, because there are plenty of deep catalog titles and streaming selections to keep me busy for four weeks. They also don 't have games for rent, but would be a one stop supersite if they ever did.

Maybe you only watch a couple of movies every month. If so, Redbox is for you. Redbox has machines in many locations nationwide, allowing you to rent movies for only a dollar a night. You can return to any machine, which you should have no problem finding, since they are in most Wal-Mart 's, as well as at several McDonald 's and 7-11 's.

There are some drawbacks, however. The selection is pretty slim, and the wait to use the machines can sometimes be

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