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Technology Analysis & Strategic Management
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Building Innovation Networks: Issues of Strategy and Expertise
Lisa Harris, Anne-Marie Coles & Keith Dickson Available online: 25 Aug 2010

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It is argued that the explicit nature of this network strategy has enabled the rm concerned to invest time and resources in the development of speci c management expertise in inter- rm relationship building and project management.
Lisa Harris, Anne-Marie Coles and Keith Dickson, School of Business and Management, Brunel University, Uxbridge Middx, UB8 3PH, UK. This paper has been based on work carried out under the European Community Targeted Social Economic Research (TSER) programme, Project No. PL97–1084. The authors would also like to thank the case study rm for its participation in the project.

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L. Harris et al.

Technology Strategies for New Product Development Rationalist approaches to technology strategy, such as that of Porter,1 view technological innovation as a relatively unproblematic aspect of corporate strategy. This article will attempt to show that the development of new products by a rm is a more complex, dynamic and uncertain activity than this, dependent for success on organizational as well as technological factors. It will be argued that strategies for technological innovation are, by implication, risk management systems. Here we are referring to the introduction of some means of control over the cost and direction of new technologies,
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