Netflix's Business Idea For The Love Of Movies

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In 1997 Reed Hasting launch his business idea for the love of movies.(Hastings) Reed Hastings founder and CEO of Netflix launched an internet based company in 1999 in America that signed 239,000 movie watchers in the first year. Hasting vision was to start a company that allowed all American assess to movies via his based website, which included mail box delivery. It was a brilliant idea and Netflix has flourish since the start up. The bases for Netflix was to allow all movie watches across America to surf one web based site to find a wide range of movie for their viewing. The most effective part of this business idea was front door delivery to all mail boxes. This allowed movie renters freedom to surf the web in their own homes for movies that would be enjoyable to watch. Once the choice was made the easy process to ship to ones home made this an excellent choice for freeing up time for American busy families. Netflix offers a wide range of titles to choose from in all genres which include television, movies and documentaries. Their selections of viewing item has multiplied since the start of the company to include 125 million hours of quality material to watch. Netflix has also launched original programming in 2013 there first being house of cards, since then other original viewing choices have been added. Netflix gained 16 million subscribers with their technology and execution of streaming movies online in 2007. The company earned $116 million in 2010, and its…
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