Netflix's Utilitarian And Kantian Approach

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The approach taken by Netflix to transform the dynamics of its company culture is ethical in my opinion, because it provides a solid foundation for what it is that they expect from their employees, and how they will go about meeting those expectations. Upon reading the PowerPoint slides and listening to the “Planet money podcast”, I noticed Netflix took a utilitarian and Kantian approach in making this successful transition. Netflix’s idea of not caring or focusing on an individual’s hard work reflects the utilitarian theory being that they only care about the results. Although this concept may seem harsh to some, myself included, I do understand that you can work hard and still come up short, and this is what Netflix wants its employees to realize.…show more content…
As a result of an employee not producing the best results, Statements such as “adequate performance gets a generous severance package” and “Hard work is a not a guarantee you will make it” provides concrete explanation of what is expected and how it applies to everyone in the company. Due to the fact that the companies way of regulating HR practices include and apply to every employee including CEO and Executives makes it ethical and fair. The Kantian ethical approach is also prevalent throughout Netflix’s human resource practices as seen through making its employees (and their results) an end, and not a means to an end. They use their employee’s skills to gain success and when those skills are no longer useful they no longer need them. Netflix is prone to “let go” of its employees but they also act as ethical egoist for employees as well, by encouraging each and every one to pursue their own self-interest, while working at the company, so that away they can be prepared to take their skills elsewhere when the time
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