"Nethergrave" and "A Sound of Thunder", Which Is More Effective?

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“Nethergrave” and “A Sound of Thunder”, Which is Most Effective? By Haven Runyan A good writer knows, at least a little, about how sentences work. A good writer can carry on a story without boring a reader. A good writer knows when to stop a bad idea, and how to create a great one. A good writer knows how to make their story work effectively in the reader’s mind. I read two short stories recently. Both were science fictions and both were very well written. One was about time travel. “The Sound of Thunder”, by Ray Bradbury, was about a man, Eckels, who wanted to shoot a Tyrannosaurs Rex. But this foolish man’s temperament was not very resilient like he had originally thought. When he saw the giant beast for the first time he…show more content…
I assume most people would have had the same reaction to the story. It made me question what would happen if someone went back in time today and accidently killed a caterpillar. For “Nethergrave” I believe teens and young adults would relate to it very well. When kids are bullied at school or ignored by family at home, they tend to turn towards different kinds of comfort systems. A very common comfort system I’ve seen is online computer chat websites and games. However, more people would relate to “The Sound of Thunder” even though it’s so foreign to our day and age. There are more characters to relate yourself to and more situations to put yourself in. Not to mention that people born before the computer generation wouldn’t understand Jeremy’s need to chat online in the story, “Nethergrave” quite as well. Honestly I relate best to when Travis made Eckels go and retrieve the bullets from the monster’s neck. I tend to force people to do things to gain my forgiveness and trust. There are four different types of people in this story that you can easily relate to: The person who sits back and does what he or she is told, like the two other not-named men in the story. There is Travis, the boss, the guy in charge. He has a temper and a slight control problem. Lesperance is the forgiving one who thinks before he does anything. He even stops Travis from leaving Eckels behind in the past. Of course, maybe you

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