Netherlands Institute of Radio Astronomy-ASTRON

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Company Description
''Astronomy is an observational science, relying on remote sensing of the distant Universe to advance understanding of its content and evolution.'' (ASTRON)

General information:
• Name: ASTRON (the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy)
• Size: approximately 180 employees (200 including JIVE and NOVA).
• Website:
• Contact person: Diana Verweij (HR manager)
• Phone number: 0521-595100
• Email address:

ASTRON is the Dutch Institute for Radio Astronomy located in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands. It was founded on 23 april 1949 and set up as a foundation under Dutch law, moreover it is also an institute of the Netherlands Organization of Scientific Research (NWO). ASTRON's astronomers and engineers have an outstanding international reputation for fundamental research in galactic and extra-galactic astronomy, and novel technology development. (ASTRON)

The main goal of ASTRON is to make discoveries in radio astronomy happen. In order to achieve this goal the institute provides front-line capabilities for its own astronomers in-house as well as for the international community (ASTRON).

2. What is the relation between the corporate strategy and the HRM strategy?
The overall strategy of ASTRON is to do fundamental research in radio astronomy and science, construction of instruments for radio astronomy, and to facilitate radio astronomy. (Diana, 2014) To do so, the institute makes use of the Westerbork…

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