Netjets -Customer Service Excellence. Ncfe Lovel 3

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NCFE Level 3 Customer Service Excellence

Task 1
Why Is Service Excellence Important To Your Organisation?
Netjets is a worldwide network of shared aircraft. This is defined as fractional ownership. Customers make a large investment in a share of a private jet. In relation to the size of their share, they receive a number of hours flying per year, and they own that asset, the value of which can go up or down. The customer is also liable for management fees and an occupied hourly flying fee. The customer is therefore making a very significant investment and expects the highest levels of satisfaction.
Netjets is a customer-driven organisation. They do not solely compete on price or product. Customers are willing to pay a higher
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We can deliver a better experience for our owners at a lower cost. This can be done by doing everything with the customer in mind, balancing all stakeholders’ values, integrating operational excellence skills in everything we do and listening to our customers and to each other.
The Cost Savings Initiative in conjunction with Operational Excellence continues to remain a top priority for the company. The initiative entails the dedication of all departments. Out of the 215 different proposals, 60 percent have been completed while an additional 26 percent are on track to be completed by year end. The completed proposals have so far exceeded $46 million and will be reflected in the 2010 gross savings. CSI is an ongoing process working in parallel with the five-year plan to ensure the stability and profitability of Netjets.

Access and Slots Allocation
After safety, the most important aspect of our service for our owners is the ability to go where they want, when they want. In 2008, 80 % of all Pre-flight negative experiences were due to slot issues.
This means that access at airports is very important to us. We must try to get guaranteed access in airports where there is a high volume of traffic. 44% of our business is in London, Paris and Switzerland. Airports around London are particularly complicated in terms of slots.
Netjets has launched the slot optimisation project, a cross departmental

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