Nettie And The Virgin Slave Analysis

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Father tells Mister that he cannot let him have Nettie. He affirms that Nettie is young and doesn't know anything, but what is told to her.

Father says that Nettie needs more time in school and hopes to make her a school teacher. However, he told Mister that he could have me because I am the oldest child, so I should marry first.
Father told Mister that I wasn't a virgin, as he could clearly tell and that I was pregnant twice. There would be no use for him to have a virgin woman anyhow. Moreover, he tells Mister that virgin women, like our new stepmother, tend to get sick all the time. He continues his statement about stepmother after he spits over the railing. He says that the children get on her nerves, she doesn't have the ability to
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