Nettles Poetic Analysis

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‘Nettles’ Poetic Analysis By Ashraf Mohamed The poem ‘Nettles’ was written by Vernon Scannell who has written this poem to portray a father-son relationship. Vernon Scannell has targeted this poem at parents, as they would be able to relate to the perspective and feelings of the speaker, since a parent is can understand what the poet is talking about. The poem talks about Scannell’s war experiences, which gives it a darker meaning. The poem is written in iambic pentameter, which creates a da-dum pattern throughout the poem. The ‘da’ sound could almost represent the father trying to fight these “regiments of spite” to protect his son from the menacing world, whilst the ‘dum’ sound is more plosive and therefore symbolises the father…show more content…
This is a good example of hyperbole. He dramatizes the pain that the boy is feeling. Scannell uses military imagery, with nettles being referred to as a ‘regiment’ on ‘parade’ that return as ‘tall recruits’. The pain created by ‘raw’, ‘sharp wounds’ and ‘burn’ deepens the juxtaposition of the child’s physical injury, as well as the parent’s emotional pain, which is somewhat contrasted by the language which presents the child as vulnerable and innocent. Overall, I think that that this poem explores the relationship of the father and the son in a way which Vernon Scannell can talk about his past experience in being in the war which gives the reader an opportunity to look at the poem from a different perspective. Scannell has written this poem in retrospect in the past and the poem itself, in its narrative tone, shows the reader two different stories that are symbolised into one poem. By Ashraf
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