Netw202 week 1 lab report

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Instructions for successfully completing NETW202 Labs and Lab Reports: 1. Make sure that you understand the objective of the lab(s) and the requirements for successfully performing them. 2. Use this Lab Report template for all of your labs. Do not turn in separate documents for each lab or create your own document! Each lab is easily identified within this document. Note: It is a good idea to read over this template before performing your labs, so that you know what to expect. 3. Follow all procedures in the weekly iLab page, as well as, ElementK’s lab procedures and tips. 4. While performing your labs, capture and paste all screenshots identified in this Lab Report Template. 5. After each lab, summarize what you…show more content…
I accomplished in this lab how to access and changed the user name password and how to access the command (cmd) screen. I familiarized myself with the command screen and using the ping option. I found it difficult to locate the network monitor but after getting denied access I found out how to log on as Admin and view the network and changed the foreground colors. I must have made an error in the process because the ICMP would not change to red and I ran out of time. This was a great lab and I just wish I had a little more time. Copy and Paste the following screenshots from your Troubleshooting TCP/IP Problems lab below. Task 1: Step 1, Paste a screenshot of your successful log on to Vancouver as the Vancouver User. (2.5 points) Task 2: Step 2, Generate and view network traffic, Action f. Paste the screenshot of the Ping command output of IP address (2.5 points) Task 2: Step 3, Paste a screenshot of the results from your network data capture. (2.5 points) Task 3: Step 1, Paste the screenshot of the Microsoft Network Monitor capture summary window showing the ICMP frames displayed in red. (2.5 points) End

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