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Support for High-Definition IP Cameras Brian Templin DeVry University NETW206: Introduction to Switching Submitted to: Professor: Timothy Roseberry Date: 09/14/2014 This paper will take a look at all the setup needed for adding IP camera’s to our network and also have scalability of a little over 20 percent for future growth. The structure will begin at the access level and then we will look at the switches we will be using and then we will move onto the distribution and core levels switches. I have looked at the Cisco 3560 for the access layer which is a 48 port and by using them we use these because the offer an enhanced security features as well as PoE. This switch aslo offers sufficient bandwidth and low cost…show more content…
By adding the equipment that we have already discussed we will have no problem in adding these camera’s in many key areas and could have some set up for redundancy as well to cover key areas. If for some reason a access switch were to go down and alternate image from over lapping cameras can be used. Sense the switches we chose use the PoE all the cameras can be supplied with power using the IEEE 802.1af which is standard. To optimize performance we should add the flash memory card with a 64Mb compact flash for each unit. I also think that we should consider Cisco SMARTnet extended service agreement and around-the-clock global access to the Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC). This will give us any help we may need with problems with equipment and setup. For security on the network we will use the 802.1x this provide port security and provide port based network access control as well as authenticated network access control. Using the 802.1x can increase security by providing support for authentication, accounting, user identification and dynamic key management. This level of security will also be able to set allow and deny network for connectivity and also control VLAN access and many other traffic policies. References Cisco. (n.d.). Retrieved September 07, 2014, from

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