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Lab 1: OPNET LAN Modeling Tutorial Week 1 iLab Report The first objective in the LAN Modeling tutorial is Setting Up the Scenario. The final step in setting up your scenario appears below. 1. (30 points) Once your project is created (after Step 6 above), your workspace will contain a map of the United States. Your project and scenario name can be seen in ITGuru’s top window border in the form of Project: Scenario: . Capture a screenshot of your new project workspace that clearly shows your project and scenario name, and paste it below. 2. (40 points) In college-level paragraph(s), describe how background traffic affects both e-mail data and VoIP data. INTRODUCTION In this week’s lab exercise, we had the…show more content…
In order to assess this impact, it was necessary to add email and voice services to the Profile Configuration and the server named FTP located in the Washington DC subnet. The graphs below illustrate the impact of background load on point to point throughput--> and point to point utilization for the back_load and no_back_load scenarios. The data in these charts is reflective of using the predefined Email(heavy) application profile metric. Figure 3 – Email Point to Point Throughput (bits/sec) Figure 4 - Email Pont to Point Utilization It’s clear that background load has a significant impact on link throughput and utilization. The simulation without background loading remains steady and relatively flat with throughput at roughly 2Kbps and link utilization at under 5%. When background load is added, we see a marked upward trend in utilization and throughput early in the simulation that keeps with our scheme of incrementally ramping up background load from 19,200 to 32,000 during the first 8 minutes, followed by a less pronounced continued upward trend over the remainder of the simulation. Link throughput begins to stabilize at just over 30kbps late in the simulation, while link utilization approaches 50%. Interestingly, we see a sharp drop in email download response time during the first seconds of both scenarios even as background load is ramping up at the same time. However, both scenarios flatten out to a more consistent level as the simulation

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