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NETW583 Course Project Intel Corporation has been great in the past when it had seen success. But of the last couple decade its success has not been top shape. But to achieve this success they are reaching for they will need an effective deployment strategy within their market, Intel Corporation needs to implement a technology strategy that will showcase its encompasses ability to involve business groups throughout the planning process, while maintaining integration of the processes from within things like their corporate planning schedule, Intel’s plans should rapidly change within the market, and staying abreast of the technology curve while simultaneously achieving the largest returns conceivable on every initiative and areas of…show more content…
Intel’s technology strategy should be comprised of a concrete strategic plan and processes that are critical to the enduring success and well-being of Intel’s information technology. Furthermore, Intel’s method to planning should enable them to be able to meticulously support their IT investments and solutions. Finally, as this process advances, Intel, should continue to create innovative means to deliver results that are supportive of Intel’s business direction. Section 2 - Core Competencies Intel is the preeminent supplier of semiconductor chips and platforms geared toward the global digital economy. Intel’s strategy involves competition in each relative market segment and the use of core competencies in the design and production of integrated circuits. Intel is also notable for their financial assets, global existence, and their significant brand recognition. Intel’s current principal component-level product line includes chipsets, flash memory, and microprocessors. Also, Intel Corporation retains, “A set of integrated and harmonized abilities that distinguish the firm in the marketplace” (Schilling 123). Furthermore, the three applicable tests used to determine a firm’s core competencies, according to Prahalad and Hamel, suggests that

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