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NETW600 Telecommunications Capstone Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Project Background 3 Industry 3 Trends and Projections 4 Competition 5 Strength 5 Weakness 5 Opportunity 5 Threats 5 Problem and Definition 6 Problem 1: Infrastructure 6 Problem 1.1 Cabling 6 Problem 1.2 Disaster Recovery 6 Problem 1.3 Equipment Life Cycles 6 Problem 2: Security 7 Problem 3: No Internal VoIP 7 Problem 4: Inability to Switch to Telecommute Employees 7 Project Overview 8 Goals & Objectives 8 Assumptions 9 Identification of Issues & Requirements 10 Findings and Recommendations 14 Budget Requirements 14 Recommended Approach – Telecommute 14 Alternative Approach 1 – High Availability (On-Site)…show more content…
can create flexibility, better customer service, and increased productivity. This will also create a home-based virtual office environment. This will help with employee retention, especially those that are experienced and skilled. Travel Agency, Inc. ultimately wants to move to a leaner and smaller footprint to save costs and to help service their customer base. However, to do this, Travel Agency, Inc. will need to overhaul their network to meet the requirements of a telecommuting business model. This business model will ultimately serve to help Travel Agency, Inc. grow and thrive in this highly aggressive and competitive market. Project Background Industry Before the days of the Internet, if a family wanted to travel to a far-off, exotic locale, they would have to either find a local travel agent or call a travel agency and plan their getaway. In the 1990’s, the Internet became a staple of everyday life and began entering many homes. As the availability of the Internet increased, so did the services available to clients. With the increasing availability of the World Wide Web the travel industry found itself faced with revolutionizing changes. All of the tools that were once solely available to travel agents now became readily available to anyone with access to the Internet and a search engine. Websites quickly formed around the idea of providing consumers with quick vacation planning ideas at low costs. Getting

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