Network : A Network Database Model

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Network – A network database model helps to allow different records to be linked to the same owner file. This is usually looked upon as an upside down tree which make it look as if it is linking up to the owner bit that is at the bottom of the tree. This helps to make it look flexible. Also the relationship within the database model can be seen as a many-to-many relationship, which means it can be linked to many different file etc.
Advantages: There are some advantages and disadvantages to this model, the advantage of this is that it is more capable of handling the different amount relationships within which include the one to one and many to many relationships. It is much easier access than a hierarchical model, and the data is more independent. (Easy2teacH)
Disadvantages: Although there are some disadvantages as when one of the structures changes then there will be a lack of independence within the structures as it is compulsory to change the application. And the records must be maintained by using the pointers which in turn makes it more complex. (Easy2teacH)

Object Database – An object database is when objects are stored instead of data types like integers or strings. Objects are given an identity so that a reference can be given to it. Objects usually contain attributes and methods. Other objects that can be used are indexes, stored procedures, sequences, and many other objects.
When creating a new object, a new one can’t be created this is because all the different
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