Network Access Policy Of Millennium Corporation

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Keeping in mind the end goal of securing our system and information of our customers, Millennium Corporation has founded this Network Access Policy. We 're ensuring against the harms and risk made when unauthorized access happens, additionally against external infections and physical harm to our infrastructure.
This report puts forward policy which must be held fast to by all representatives of Millennium Corporation and any client allowed access to any network equipment, whether physically or by means of remote access. Inability to conform to the policy put forward in this record will bring about disciplinary steps.
For the reason behind this policy, A Representative is any Millennium Corporation worker, operator and whatever other individual in a position to know or get data about PCs or gadgets on the LAN.
The firewall is an equipment or software which protect the ports of PCs on the LAN. For the reason behind this policy, "Remote Access" might mean access to the Local Area Network from any area outside the firewall by any method, including access through Virtual Private Network (VPN), dial-in modem, Telnet, SSH and some other technique for getting to the LAN from outside the firewall.
Physical Security
• All PCs and gadgets on the LAN must be physically secured when left unattended.
• All servers must be also secured with locking gadgets, for example keyboard locks.
• Any note pad or portable computer, Personal Digital
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