Network Address Translation ( Nat ) Essay

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Network Address Translation (NAT) Introduction You must have heard about such words like NAT, IP address, and the rest about networking. For private networks, firewalls are commonly used to assign public Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to a computer or a group of computers in a network system. Network Address Translation (NAT) is mainly used for IPv4 address conservation. Through NAT, IPv4 addresses that are not registered with the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) can be connected to the internet. NAT uses a router to connect two networks together, and translate the private network to a legal address, after which internet packets are moved to another network. As a consequence, NAT has the capability to get configured to advertise a single address for the whole network. NAT also hides the entire internal network; hence it provides security (Empson). In general, NAT performs two functions: providing security to the internal network, and assisting in network conservation. Skills Those who implemented the IP addressing did not consider the fact the internet services would grow to the current status. In the past, running a network without using an IP addressing was unimaginable; but today, NAT has come with the solution to all these challenges. The only problem is that long-term solution is yet to be realized. IPV4 has provided a solution, but it uses only 32 bit hence not very efficient (Tyson). Through NAT, a router acts as an agent between a public network (Internet)
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