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The physical and logical mapping network scans will utilize network seed devices, which provide the largest amount of network propagation with the least impact on network performance. Once the network seed devices have been selected, network topology mapping software will be configured to directly communicate with the selected network devices utilizing SNMP. Once SNMP communication has been established, SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper software will begin "walking" the Management Information Bases of selected seed devices to locate network routes, CDP and LLDP neighbor information. Network propagation will then take place via seed device routing tables and neighbor device information. The SolarWinds Network Topology Mapper must also be…show more content…
The security best practices audit will produce a comprehensive security audit report. The comprehensive security audit report will require several objectives be met including Nmap Vulnerability scans, end device risk assessment and manual audit of network device configurations. The Enterprise Network Engineer will assign a Network Technician team member the task of completing network scans and end-device risk assessments; however, the Enterprise Network Engineer will be responsible for scan software configurations. The Enterprise Network Engineer will be responsible for writing all expressions utilized for Nmap Vulnerability and end-point risk assessment. The Network Technician team member will compile all data in preparation of the comprehensive security audit report. To complete the comprehensive security audit objective of manual configuration review several tasks must be completed including the configuration of an SCP and TFTP server, download of configurations for network devices, comparison of configurations and review of current configurations. The Enterprise Network Engineer will configure both an SCP and TFTP server for use during the security best practices audit. The SCP server will be the primary unit responsible upload and download of configuration files, while the TFTP server will be utilized for devices, which do not support SCP, providing a secondary method of file transfer. The Enterprise Network Engineer will utilize the
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