Network Architecture And The Standards

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This paper explores the understanding of network technology concepts and their relations to establishing networks. In addition, this paper will cover the network architecture and the standards that must be address prior, during and finalization of a network. Before we can build any type of network, we must understand the network technology concepts and how to apply them to a network. By establishing a foundation to build upon, require checks and balances in order to have a successful network operational. There are many criterions that needs to be set forth and has to be completed in establishing any type of network.

Network Technology Concepts
There are numerous network technology concepts that have been incorporated with various networks. We will address several basic of the network technology concepts in this paper. What is a network? A network is a group of interconnected computers and other devices that are able to share information with each other. Before a network can operate, it needs several key components that are involved with the network These key components are computers and devices such as a printer to support the network. Once the key components have been identified, the network will require the following to complete the network; Nodes/ Hosts, Connecting Media, Network Interface, Network Protocols, Network Share Peripherals, and the Consolidated Storage. The user can choose between a peer-to-peer to client/ server network to best support their…
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