Network Architecture : Design Of The Network

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Network architecture is the design of the network, containing of the software, connectivity, hardware, communication protocols and mode of transmission, such as wireless or wired. Basically it is the detail outline of a network. The network architecture is used to categorize the network step-by-step in a reasonable method by telling each stage in detail. It is also based on the complete working definitions of the protocols. There are five types of networks. They are LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), PAN (Personal Area Network), and HAN (Home Area Network). PAN is used for one person, and is typically a wireless communication network. Your network can be wired with a FireWire or USB.…show more content…
You can share information between multiple devices and computers over your network connection. It can be wired or wireless, and consists of a broadband internet connection that can be shared between many users through a modem. WAN is a network that is used to cover a bigger geographical area. WAN can be accessed hundreds of miles away to another country or state. Cell phone and telephone companies use this to service their customers. Also big companies may have their own private WAN to connect their companies. What is a Client/Server or peer to peer? A client-server holds information and other information/resources. Basically your computer or any other device interacts with the server and ask to use data or share its data with the servers. You can access what is information like files from the server. A peer to peer network is when you don’t need a server. Your computer system is connected to one another via the internet. You can share information between our computer systems without needing a server. What is transmission media? Transmission media is used to transmit a communication signal from one system to another system. Basically it is you sending something to someone and they receive the information. It is known as a superhighway transmitting lots of data. What is wired or wireless? A wired network uses Ethernet cable to link to your personal computer then to the network router. This technique is not costly, but is quicker, and safer than
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