Network Architecture : Design Of The Network

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Network architecture is the design of the network, containing of the software, connectivity, hardware, communication protocols and mode of transmission, such as wireless or wired. Basically it is the detail outline of a network. The network architecture is used to categorize the network step-by-step in a reasonable method by telling each stage in detail. It is also based on the complete working definitions of the protocols.
There are five types of networks. They are LAN (Local Area Network), MAN (Metropolitan Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network), PAN (Personal Area Network), and HAN (Home Area Network).
PAN is used for one person, and is typically a wireless communication network. Your network can be wired with a FireWire or USB. You can use your devices like smartphones, PDAS, personal computers, laptops, or printers.
LAN is a smaller size network used to cover up to a small area. LANs is typically used to connect pcs and other devices in a small environment to share data and exchange data, and emails. A LAN distance is limited and the amount of computers you can assign to a single LAN is limited also.
MAN is a network that connects user’s computer resources in a geographical area or region larger than the LAN network, but not as big as WAN. This connection can be high speed, and is typically used in schools or office buildings. A MAN network can cover many buildings in the same area, city or town.
HAN is typically used in a small area like in your…
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