Network Attacks Using New And Effective Modern Day Technologies

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The primary objective of this project is to detect and mitigate various network attacks using new and effective modern day technologies. 1) Software Defined Networking (SDN) is one of the start of art technology that will be used in this project to mitigate the attacks like Denial of Service attacks. 2) It will also help in controlling the data and control plane of the networking devices, which will enable more options to enhance the security. Implementation of security measures in SDN can free a network from several network attacks like Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. Another point to be noted is that, if an administrator had to upgrade the security measures in a traditional network, he would have to configure all the networking equipment separately with the required security measures. If the administrator needs to make any future changes to the network, he would have to again have to update on each and every device separately. This method demands a lot of resources and time. But the implementation of these security measures in a SDN controller can lead to updating all the devices in the network at one go. This leads to mitigating different kinds of network attacks at one go. This is the objective of this project. 1.4 Literature Survey: A. Software Defined Networking (SDN): The implementation of this project makes use of a lot of modern technologies. However, the state of art technology in this project is Software Defined Networking [1]. In the Networking community, SDN
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