Network Based Door Lock Utilizing Radio Frequency Identification Card for Multimedia Rooms

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Doors are used to separate interior spaces of the house for privacy, convenience, security, and safety reasons. Not only houses but also offices, shops, stores and schools have used doors to secure passages from the exterior for reasons of safety and for climate control. All doors had locks which have numerous uses. Be it general or specialized. Generally, door locks are important for safekeeping [1].
There are lots of different brands of door locks, and a reputable one is crucial for the privacy or security required like Dexter, Skulthai, Schlage, Chubb and Yale, but the researchers envisioned to make a network based door lock utilizing radio frequency identification
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A mechanical device furnished with a bolt and, usually, a spring, for fastening a door, strongbox by means of a key or combination [2]. Door locks are very important because these protect not only the door but the whole building. Door lock allows one to remotely unlock/lock doors and grant entry to a home, an office or to a room in a school. Door locks can be controlled from any computer, compatible cellular phones and even FiOS TV. This device gives you the capabilities to unlock doors, remotely change user PIN codes, and receive text message or email updates for when the door is locked or unlocked [3].
Making a door lock has many things to do and it can be produced by some computer-related system. One of which is by utilizing the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) card. The use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a bar code like technology that allows for data to be transmitted from a radio frequency card to compatible reader. Radio frequency tags/card can be passive in nature, deriving their power from the very radio frequencies used by a reader to locate them. It can be made to look like postage stamp sized stickers, and can be attached to any number of things. Wallmart, the United States retail giant, has decided to put radio frequency identification tags on all of the products it sells. RFID tags are also used for automated payment on highways. In the mobile phone world, RFID tags could be used to load a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) from a

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