Network Built For Local Area Networks Essay

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WANs are systems built for information exchange that connects computers from anywhere in the world across the globe. A wide area network (WAN) is generally used by large corporations or organizations. WANs are very useful to these sorts of associations because it easily allows them to deploy data from their computers to disseminate offices. Large organizations that use multiple facilities usually end up using WANs. Smaller businesses are increasingly using WANs as well. They are able to use WANs if they have at least two secluded sites. WAN usually connects two or more LANs together. LAN stands for local area networks. The internet that we all use is very much considered a WAN. WANs have existed for many years. They are methodical and controlled much differently from other types of telecommunication systems. WANs are very similar to LANs because they serve almost the same purpose. WANs are still a bit more intricate than LANs of course. In order for a user to use WAN, they first would have to subscribe to a telecommunication providers service. The organizations that choose to use WANs do not own or control any of the communication lines that connect the secluded network systems to other computers. WANs are not used to connect individual computers with each other. They were built to link different LANs together. When the WAN connects the LANs to each other this is called internetwork. Routers and remote bridges play a part to the internetwork as
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