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Network Consultation for DesignIT

Bernard Mincey
Strayer University
Professor: Dr. Ntinglet-Davis
CIS 175 (Intro to Networking)

The work that will be performed will include the design and installation of a fully switched star network. This includes the installation and setup of all the network devices, cabling and interfaces but may be limited to workstations, devices, servers, switches, routers, racks and all related software.
The proposed network is designed to serve DesignIT which consist 56’x36’ office space, 4 cubicles, 1 office, 1 server room, 1 receptionist desk and 1 conference room.
Secure service: The main objective of this network is to provide secure administrative
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2. Wireless access point
3. Cat 6 cabling
4. Printer
Work Station
All work stations will consist of
1. Computer (monitor, keyboard and mouse)
2. Cat 6 cable
3. 1 printer for all work stations to share.
Conference room
The conference room will consist of
1. Laptop workstation (wireless)
2. Printer
3. Cat 6 cabling
The reception will consist of
1. Computer
2. Cat 6 cabling
Data sources
Data will be created and used from all work stations on the network. The data will be produced by software application in a windows 7 environment on all work station and windows server 2008 on the server. Office 2010 professional (word, excel, power point, access and outlook) will also be utilized. Other data sources to be supported will be windows 7 accessories. The network cannot be accessed from outside the facility.
Number of users and priority levels
The maximum estimated number of users at any given time will be set as 10. Administrators will be given top priorities.
Reliability Requirements
In keeping up with DesignIT requirement and expectations the LAN is expected to operate at 99.9% uptime and an undiscovered error rate of 0.01%.
Security Requirements
A firewall will be used so that UN authorized users will be restricted. Parts of security will be different user account and password for each member.
1. Software
a. Microsoft Windows 7 on all workstations (wired or wireless)
b. Microsoft server 2008 on the server

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