Network Design And Organizational Goals

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Network design and organizational goals are and will always be intertwined. The success of the network design team and of the organization is a burden they both share. I was tasked to design a network for a client, who recently bought an existing building to house a medium size business. This building has five floors, each floor has twenty thousand square feet totaling one hundred thousand square feet overall. The business will initially employee two thousand employees and within the building, my client will need a medium size data center. The focus of this paper is to show what items to consider, how I would plan it and new considerations based on what I have learned in the course. Hopefully, I will have demonstrated the necessary considerations in designing a network from the ground up. I will use PPDIOO approach for networks. The six phases of a networks life-cycle are as follows Prepare, Plan, Design, Implement, Operate and Optimize. My design considerations will be based on the customer’s needs; therefore, the customer’s success rest solely upon the attention to details about organizational goals and constraints. During the prepare phase, I will learn the short-term and long-term goals as well as the customers expectation of the design’s outcome for the company. My analysis of the organization should show activities, products, processes, services…etc. that will strengthen the network design, increase the success of the project and confirm the cost of network design
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