Network Design Proposal For A Program Essay

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Network Design Proposal

Prepared for:
University of Maryland University College

Prepared by: Ramesh Shah

Physical Network Design

Network Topology The proposed network is designed for the UMUC new building in Rockville. This new building will have some administrative offices, lecture rooms, library, and computer labs with an open Wi-Fi. This new building will have total six computer labs that will be used for instruction. Each of these labs will have 25 computers, 23 student computers and one instructor computer, one server in the closet and in addition to the six computer labs, there will also be a Student Computer Lab that will provide computer access to students for doing their own purpose like homework. In Student Computer Lab there will be 30 computers and a server in the closet. There will be 10 computers for student’s use and 5 computers for Library staff in the library so they can access to the library resources for staff use, with the exception of the admissions office, which will have five computers. There will be six class room which will have a computer for instructor’s use. Finally, there will be 7 offices in the building and each of these offices will have one computer. There will be two server rooms, one on the first floor and another one on the second floor. There should be at least 3 separate networks: Administrative, Instructional, and Public. All staff-accessed computers will be on the
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