Network Design Proposal For The New University Of Maryland University

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Network Design Proposal University of Maryland University College BY: Michael Bedford CMIT 263 September 11, 2015 This proposal will the drafting plains for the new University of Maryland University College they have just least. The key in network design is the drafting, it is one of the tools to help provide a great system. The design is a critical step which to build an infrastructure which will provide good performance and hopefully cut down the administrative workload. The network design should ensure that it can change and adapt to new changes overtime. The staff at my company have giving me a task that I have proposed a plan for UMUC to use that will give factors, longevity and security for the school. It…show more content…
This will help computers connected thru the wireless network to be identified with in the system; based on the unique IP address it’s been assigned. The network that the college will have is a physical star topology. This topology will help keep the maintenance at a low cost, compared to the use of a bus and ring. These other types cost more to maintain and require more are hard to install in some cases. Which I prefer the star topology is better in it uses. UMUC will be using the Hewlett Packard switches, for its high performance and is the lowest of all the other brands. The E5406z1 device (figure 3) can support a 144 GB network connection and they will be place on each floor of the building in the server room. The switches have been configured using a VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) for each subnet used. It will have access and be secured by an active directory single login. The 24 port switch will be using is an E3500y1 (figure 4). This will be installed as a network core, to make the switch between the HP 5406z1 to each floor. We will configuring all switches to use an OSPF (Open Shortest Path First) protocol be the routing for traffic between the STP (Spanning Tree Protocol) and VLANs. This will help to enable, to prevent network loops, which may cause a bad performance and can disable the network connection. We will be using a HP E-802.11N wireless access point (figure 5) will be connected to the network, which will help

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