Network Design Solution for Big College Using Visio Designing Tool

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Running Head: NETWORK DESIGN Network Design Description This project aims to provide the network design for a Big College. The project will demonstrate the ability to provide a network design to arrive at Server Network and Active Directory Infrastructure. The proposal demonstrates the critical thinking skills which involves using network analysis tool to achieve a technically feasible and reasonable business solution for Big College The project deliverable includes: Network design solution for Big College using Visio designing tool. 10-page report. The project will also provide the design documentation that: Demonstrates user group account profiles; disk management fault tolerance strategies manage remote users, provides the backup restore procedures, Installs and configuring IIS (Internet Information Services) Provides the optimal Active Directory architecture design, Demonstrates active Directory architecture design, Manages network services including domain server Provides dynamic host configuration protocol, Provides the windows internet naming service Provides the basic security design for network infrastructure 1: Executive Summary Designing and managing a scalable network infrastructure for Big College is a step forward for the institution to achieve competitive comparative advantages over its competitors. Since the objectives of many private academic institutions in the United States are to make profits, these institutions need to be

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