Network Diagram

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Network Diagram Internet The internet is noted to be a global system of computer networks that are interconnected. This system used a standard internet protocol known as TCP/IP in order to serve thousands as well as well billions of users worldwide. The internet is therefore a network of network that is made up of millions of public, private, business, academic as well as government networks. Router A router is a device that is used to forward packets from a given network to another. This is done on the basis of internal routing tables. Routers operate by reading each and every incoming packet and then deciding on whether or not to forward it (PCMag,2012). Firewall Firewall is a set of programs that are related and located within a given network gateway server with the intention of protecting the private network resources from unauthorized users from other networks (TechTarget,2007) Switch A switch is a hardware device which is used in joining of multiple computers to a single network within a given local area network (LAN). In technical terms, network switches operate at the second layer (layer 2 Data Link Layer) of the OSI model (Mitchell,n.d). Workstation A workstation is a computer which is designed and intended for use by an individual. It is much faster as well as more capable than any personal computer. This computer is intended to be used in a business or professional setting as opposed to home use (TechTarget,2005). References Mitchell,B (n.d).
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