Network Elements and Challenges, Case Studies: Commonwealth Bank and Dealsdirect.Com.Au

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The Technology and World Wide Web (www) has changed human behaviour and interaction to a very large extent. Today Web based businesses, banking and e-shopping are the major examples to point out the trend in this direction. Keeping that view in mind the purpose of this research paper is to explain the network elements of online banking and online shopping, how both types of organizations are using networks to manage their businesses efficiently, what are the critical factors associated with their organizations and how can they overcome those challenges has also been discussed.

The sample has been drawn from Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Deals-Direct an online e-tailing business currently operating in Australia.

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Today commonwealth provide a full range of financial services all across the world with around 700,000 shareholders. Some services includes personal loans, credit cards, home loans, insurance, investment, cars and equipment finance, total capital solution and many more


Currently commonwealth Bank is offering 3 major types of services 1. Personal 2. Business 3. Corporate
These major categories are further divided into several functionalities, shown in the figure 2.1


Figure 2.1 Commonwealth Bank Services

Source: Commonwealth Bank website


According to Nick Holdsworth, executive general manager for enterprise services Commonwealth Bank, (Ry Crozier, Inside the Commonwealth Bank data centre) CBA network infrastructure consists of several IT Zones including two main corporate data centres located in Sydney and several satellite data centres affiliated with the groups controlled by third party, all across the world; definitely with very strict control mechanism.

CBA is currently using a combination of x86 and blade servers with VMWare that allows them to use one server for multiple functionalities. VMWare enables virtualisation where hardware is divided virtually and the software cannot recognize it plus use it efficiently as multiple servers which is not only a cheap solution but it also helps in

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