Network Environments : How It Reduces The Risk Of Having A Threat?

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It would be very important to set up two different network environments because it lessens the risk of having a threat take down everything in a working environment. For example, we would have a firewall set outside of both networks and one side would be for web services, DNS, and email, which would be our DMZ. Some important security services that would be included are spam filters for email, a sonic wall and proxy servers for web services, and web intrusion detection (IDS). The purpose of having spam filters is to protect our network from spam and any attacks that might come in as an attachment in an email. Also spam tends to overflow email, so by having a spam filter we will also be avoiding this problem. Another great way to prevent…show more content…
IDS also controls with sites a user can access as well as how many times a user can access certain sites. The purpose of having the DMZ separate from our local network is because if there is a malicious attack through email or the web we will know that it cannot attack our systems our network because they are separate from our network. It will be very important for us to include anti-virus and anti-spyware on both networks to protect our servers, switches, routers. Also another important security feature would be to have the latest patch for our systems and also perform scans on our workstations and as well as our servers. Since some of our users will need access to our system by connecting through a remote access we will only give those users rights to access our network through VPN or dial-up. Our second network would consist of admin users, IT users, and our regular users. The firewall would also be outside of this network and it would be secured by creating group policies which would give certain users limited permissions also well as only necessary access in order for workers to have the resources needed to accomplish their jobs. Some of the security risks that would present themselves in a working environment would be giving users too many privileges and access to certain things they shouldn’t have access to. Only
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