Network Features Of A Network

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A Network A network enables all PCs and devices to exchange data with each other which means they can all communicate with each other with information and data. There are different network types for example: LAN (Local area network) Local area network (LAN) is a wireless network where it is used in a small building or a work office. You will need an access point connected to a switch to create the wireless network. There are different types of hardware components that are used to set a wireless network up such as network adaptors, Ethernet cables and a hub. A wireless network could be useful in many places like a home or business/workplace to be able to share a variety of files such as printers and scanners. WAN (Wide Area Network) WAN (Wide area network) is a computer network that covers a far wider area than a LAN (Local Area Network). WANs continents cover cities, countries, and the whole world. A WAN is formed by linking LANs together. For example, lots of different major LANs in a city can connect to make a WAN. Network Topologies - This is basically the structures of a LAN and a WAN. ShapeStar: ShapeShape Shape ShapeShape Text Box ShapeShape ShapeShape In a star network, all cables or nodes are connected to one central core which is the hub. This tends to be the most reliable topology. A good thing about a star network is that it has good security because no workstation can interact with another without going through the
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