Network Infrastructure Attacks Against Network Infrastructures Essay

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Sometimes, resolving much vulnerability may harm the system. For example, dealing with the vulnerabilities like a weak SQL server administrator password, a Windows OS configuration, and a server hosted on a wireless network might not be a major security issue separately. But, resolving all vulnerabilities simultaneously can prove to be dangerous for computer system. Non technical attack: Exploits that involve manipulating people- end users and even yourself are the greatest vulnerability within any computer or network infrastructure. Humans are trusting by nature, which can lead to social engineering exploits. Social engineering is defined as the exploitation of the trusting nature of human beings to gain information for malicious purposes.
There is an example of hacking which is physical. For example: hackers enter into the offices, computer rooms, buildings to steal the critical information. Physical like Dumpster dividing (“rummaging through trash cans and Dumpster for intellectual property, passwords, network diagrams, and other information”).
“ Network infrastructure attacks:
Hacker attacks against network Infrastructures can be easy, because many networks can be reached from anywhere in the world via the Internet. Here are some examples of network infrastructure attacks:
1. Connecting into a network through a rouge modem attached to a computer behind a Firewall.
2. Exploiting weaknesses in network transport mechanism, such as TCP / IP and NetBIOS.
3. Flooding a
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