Network Lab Design for Kolej Professional Mara Beranang Essay

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Table of Contents PROJECT TITLE 2 INTRODUCTION 2 PROBLEM STATEMENT 2 OBJECTIVES 2 SCOPE 3 PROPOSED METHODOLOGY 3 PROBLEM SOLUTION 4 HARDWARE REQUIREMENT 4 DESIGN 7 CONCLUSION 11 PROJECT TITLE Network LAB Design for Kolej Profesional Mara Beranang (KPMB). INTRODUCTION MARA Professional College Beranang (KPMB) was formerly known as MARA Institute of Commerce(IPM), which was established on May 1977. KPTM now located in Beranang Selangor that near the Mantin. KPMB have more than 30 staff and 2000 student. This college KPMB already have a network in the lab at level 2 but the network a lot of problem for example the cable is damage by the student there, and also the disorganized cable there. So the new network design has to implement in …show more content…

This planning including interview, observation and also survey if any and from this stage, the problem that occur to the KPMB will lab will be gathering. Analysis The information is very important in order to make the project done. This phase will take about 2 weeks because this phase is to gather information and make analysis for example, the interview to the student who often uses the computer in the lab and also the lecturer. The observation also will be made in this phase to see the environment in the collage, how big the building. From this information, the main problem can be highlight as an important. Design In this phase, there will be blueprints that show all the cable and also the arrangement all the computer to synchronize all the lab. This phase is the plan before the implementation made and the suitable design that suit the lab. It will show the design for the room, the place that the wire will place and also the rack for the switch. Implement After the design phase, implement to the lab room and make the network work. This phase will make the design network implement to the lab room. PROJECT SCHEDULE NO TASK ESTIMATED TIME (ET) 1 Planning 1 month 2 Analysis 3 month 3 Design 5 month 4 Implement 3 month PROBLEM SOLUTION 1. The computer in each of the lab will synchronize manage. This makes the computer easier to manage. 2. The cabling for the lab will near the wall so that the wiring can easily damage because of

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