Network Management And Technical Support

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Network management and technical support
Module code : 08I

The assignment to present a review of current approaches to the network management and recommend, The most suitable approach to implement the network management system for automotive performance Limited company.
Automotive performance limited is a newly established company specializing in car parts products. The headquarters of the company are located in Birmingham, with sales offices in Colchester and Sunderland. They have a sale team to serve retail outlets all over the UK. While they also operate an E- commerce system to sell to end customers directly under the name

The company management has decided to formalize the management of
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The goal of service assist and configuration management is to provide logical model of it Infrastructure relating to It service and different IT components (Physical, Logical, etc) need to deliver these services.

The objective of service asset and management configuration is to define and control the component of service and infrastructure and matinee accurate configuration records, this enable an organization to comply with corporate and governance requirements. Control its assets bass optimize its costs manage change and release effectively and resolve incidents and problem faster.

Configuration management

Configuration management is the practice of handling changes systematically so that the system matinee integrity over time.
Configuration management implements the policies and procedures techniques and tools that are require managing and evaluating changes and track status also to matinee system and support documents as the system changes.
Configuration identification before we can control any artifact we must identify what is it, what information it is going to contain and how it will be controlled . Configuration management is important to ensure that the current design and build state of the system is known and recorded, and doesn’t rely on the tacit knowledge of the development team. Being able to
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