Network Management Field Via Teams And Groups

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The quiet buzz of electronics fills the air as a room full of individuals stares endlessly in to their computer screens. From an outsider’s point of this would appear as an individualistic job, with little team interaction. On the contrary, many task are accomplished in the network management field via teams and groups. Competing and succeeding in today’s technology systems requires more than just talented individuals, it requires the ability to effectively operate in an organized team environment. Before gathering members to form a team it is important to understand what defines the members as a team and why the team is formed. The three main types of organized work take place in teams, workgroups, and virtual teams. Every team will…show more content…
A team is formed when there is a goal or task to carry out that requires collaborative effort. These members are often subject matter experts and rely on unified commitment from one another. The newest addition to the team structure is virtual teams. These teams are clearly defined by geographically dispersed members, sharing a responsibility for producing deliverables of a set goal (Gibson and Cohen 3). No longer are teams confined to the traditional means of meeting in one physical location, face to face. While breaking the physical requirement virtual teams have also broken the boundaries of time. Allowing work to be performed constantly greatly increases productivity and collaboration. Technologies such as email, teleconferencing and videoconferencing gives the virtual team the advantage over traditional teams. Within virtual teams there are two type of work styles, synchronous and asynchronous. Network system managers will often combine both styles to produce the desired result. Synchronous virtual team meetings are effective at the teams’ formation. Videoconferencing and teleconferencing give the ability to discuss the team goal synchronously, which aides in designating task roles and relationship functions early in the process. Using email and
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