Network Marketing And Its Strengths, Weaknesses, And Middle Ground

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This is not a site about network marketing though having been a part of 6 of them in the past, I 've both made and lost money and can give you some unbiased thoughts on Network Marketing. Most especially I want people to understand that affiliate marketing and network marketing are not the same thing at all. I 've had many people ask me about Network Marketing and for some of my close friends and relatives they could tell you that, in the past, I have gotten wrapped up with some. Being a network marketer is not exactly the same as owning a normal business either, though is comes with some of those benefits. I am not actively involved with any right now though my wife is a part of Amway, and I wholeheartedly support who she is as well as the goals and dreams she has set for herself. TheNetowrk Marketing industry has its strengths, weaknesses, and middle-ground as everything does; so, let’s examine them. Strengths: I think the industry 's greatest strength rests within the training and education that the "system" and/or "up-line" (people who sponsor you, or sponsored the person who sponsored you, etc.) will provide you, in order to teach you how to better yourself and be involved with direct selling. lol having said that, some of the direct selling/marketing taught is also a weakness if done wrong. The basic structure of Network Marketing encourages people to recruit; and then to train the people beneath them to recruit and so on. They give individual people an

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