Network Security : A Secure Platform For Computers

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Networking security the process of taking physical and software preemptive evaluations to protect the underlying network foundation from unauthorized admittance, misuse, glitch, modification, demolish, imprudent revelation, thereby creating a secure platform for computers, users and programs to implement their permitted critical functions within a secure environment. Network security has become significant due to the patent that can be obtained through the Internet. There are essentially two different networks, data networks and synchronous network composed of switches. The Internet is considered to be a data network. Since the prevailing data network resides in computer based routers, information can be accessed by special programs, such…show more content…
Confidentiality prevents the access of the unauthorized system and person to the sensitive information of an organization. Due to the increasing contentious and competitive business environment, confidentiality is very important for an organization. The failure in protection of confidentiality of a business can cause serious issues if the confidential information gets into the wrong hands, they can use this information for illegal activities such as scam, fraud and stealing money which can result in loss of productivity. Integrity is information that cannot be changed slightly and has to be reliable. Although millions of dollars have been invested in this sector, but still the information in the warehouses is inaccurate and sometimes incompatible with its origin. As the result the data warehouse faces failure, low acceptance and confidence of the clients and users. Incorrect and incomplete information decrease the operational ability; become the cause of incorrect business decisions. Availability means, the required data and information must be available and accessible to the authorized personals at anytime and anywhere. For example, the information is in the server, but the server is overloaded and not working properly or the server crash and no one able to access the information needed. It is important to understand that the information unavailable not only in case when it is destroyed or lost, but also
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